Violeta Puscas

As a young entrepreneur at the beginning of the road, I am confronted with many unknowns, I feel the need for expertise, support and urge to move forward even when it is difficult.
I believe very much in women’s solidarity, mentoring and I am convinced that women in Romania can unite very important things for the community and for the economic development of this country. The involvement of women entrepreneurs in dialogues with policymakers is absolutely necessary. Business women in Romania need to be represented not only through political talks but also through deeds.
In this context, the necessity of setting up a Confederation that brings together the representatives of the Romanian business environment and which has the main purpose of defending the interests of business women and their involvement in economic and social life, was absolutely natural.
I am very optimistic and confident in our power, so I come with an inspiration to the Romanian women who are either at the beginning of the entrepreneurial path or are already leading a successful business to join us and together to manage to improve our development environment both in business and social.