Support for romanian companies to export to spanish market. “Femeia Antreprenor 2018” Madrid

The end of December is always dedicated to both the retrospective of the year that is about to end, the “objectives proposed versus the objectives achieved” and the plans for the future.

Between 13-16 December 2018, the international stage of the “Entrepreneur Woman 2018” Program, a program organized by the Ministry of Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship through the Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Export Investment Incentive and Promotion, took place.

The goal of the “Entrepreneur Woman 2018” program is to improve the economic performance of existing women-run businesses; to stimulate self-employment and increase the number of female entrepreneurs in business communities; to develop capacities and entrepreneurship among women; to develop business contacts and establish partnership ties; to increase the number of new jobs created within women’s private economic structures and the benefits to the national economy.

The international stage took place simultaneously in four European cities: London, Paris, Rome and Madrid.

The Madrid event was hosted by the Embassy of Romania in the Kingdom of Spain and lasted over two days.

The first day began with the greeting of his exelency, Mrs. Gabriela Dancău, Ambassador of Romania to Spain. His Excellency has reminded us that we are only two weeks apart until we take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union, and one of the main themes on the European agenda is to support entrepreneurship.
The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship, officials from the Embassy of Romania in Spain, women entrepreneurs in Romania and Romanian entrepreneurs who are currently operating in Spain.

Iulia Schnecker, counselor minister of the CECO – Office of Commercial Promotion and Economic Promotion at the Romanian Embassy in Madrid, has made us clear about the role of GCP. Among the main missions we can include: attracting Spanish investments in Romania, maximizing Romanian exports to Spain, monitoring Spain’s position within the European institutions, institutional coordination and supporting the community of Romanian businessmen in Spain.

Keep in mind that if you have come to the conclusion that internationalization is the next step to improving your business, and Spain is on the map you are targeting, BPCE will help you export, contributing significantly to promoting your business fairs , exhibitions or sector fairs. At the same time, the GCCA can also support you in getting the necessary contacts, facilitating meetings and helping with participation in fairs and economic missions in Spain.
After a brief presentation of the current economic situation in Spain, we have listed export opportunities, among which we mention the following sectors: furniture, IT & C and tourism. The main Romanian exports in Spain belong to the following sectors: motor vehicles, automotive components and accessories, electrical equipment and appliances, agro-food products, plastics and rubber.

One of the good news is that we have a completely free tool to help us more easily identify these export opportunities (

The Romanian Foreign Trade Portal represents an interactive system of information, knowledge and advice of businessmen on foreign markets and the most efficient ways to conclude international transactions and to develop exports.

The portal aims to concentrate foreign trade information and to coagulate the efforts of all those involved in Romanian exports to provide exporters with a window to guide their foreign trade activity and to assist them in developing penetration strategies on foreign markets.
You will receive real-time information on the demand on the foreign market as well as important information on SME-targeted state aid to support internationalization.
The next guest, Mr. Nicu Dendiu, shared us with his entrepreneurial experience, referring to the possibilities of cooperation between the Romanian entrepreneurs and the Romanian entrepreneurs in Spain.
Another exciting presentation was that of Mrs. Ioana Lazar, who introduced us into the world of alternative financing designed for Start-ups and for SMEs.

And to convince us of the above, the organizers invited us to Innovation Centro Medico Estetico, a beauty center led by Ruxandra Ioana Achim, a female entrepreneur from Ploiesti who felt it was time to cross the country’s borders and conquer the foreign market.

While holding the same debate, the Romanian Embassy in Madrid, Romanian entrepreneurs who managed to develop business in Spain, were invited the following day. They talked about prejudices, barriers, business mentality, challenges, differences, accomplishments and plans for the future.
The visit was organized at the “Alcala Home” restaurant, led by Mrs. Ruxandra Focsa Street, a true model of successful female entrepreneur in Spain.

Author: Corina Munteanu, Vice President CONAF