Roxana Iliescu Gabor

After almost 30 years of experience in all forms of media and 10 years of intensive PR, mediation, coaching, creative personal development, non-verbal communication, NLP and emotional therapies, I understand that all the “happenings” of my life so far led me to achieve a harmony between masculine and feminine in all aspects. I also think practically daily that applied form of spirituality that guides me towards materializations and evolutions not only in the esoteric dimension but also in the physical and tangible plane. That is why my studies and practice have turned to the integration of all pieces of puzzle learned from spirituality into everyday life, to entrepreneurship, to the area where, in my opinion, the change for the benefit of the whole society will come. Women have proven in the past decades that entrepreneurship is no stranger to them and that they can bring another bang in the business environment, either as a manager or as an investor. Creating a social economy that comes from their attention to the whole spectrum of society, global thinking, innovation and creativity that can transform the busy business match into a beneficial collaboration for all players.
But to do this, women who want to take an important role in their organization or want to get involved in a new one need support in communicating their mission, their strategy, their dream, the resources they have have and what they need. A communication started from the deepest ideals and values but passed through the filter of rational unaltered limitations and self-sabotage beliefs. And in terms of business, people are buying the story behind the business, they want to know that the root of the business is a long-term long-term intent for the whole society and a strategy involving the well-being of all parties. My vision is a world where women have found, claimed and assumed their role in society, business and politics. A world where they know exactly what they have to offer and what they need to receive, knowing exactly how to communicate this with emotion and security. A world in which women will use their unique, unrepeatable tools, qualities and attributes without ever attacking the position of men or, sadly, of other women. My mission is to guide women to realize who they really are but who I am NOT. What they want but what they DO NOT want. What they need and what they DO NOT NEED. With my unparalleled tools, qualities and traits of TV journalist, coach, mediator, trainer and community leader of women.
My objective is to help women who want to move towards truth by taking on the role of going publicly on media networks with their mission and vision of their business and its impact on society. And so to reach the critical mass to create a new trend – the woman assumed, the woman with a key role in changing the economy’s paradigm towards a sustainable, ethical, creative, global thinking and individual opening.