Oana Pricop

When I was young, I dreamed of going to Rio. So I searched him first on the map. I saw how far it was and I realized I had to prepare for this trip.
So I went to college after him (Tourism and Commercial Management is officially named, but for me it has always been the Faculty of Traveling).
After graduating from the Master of Marketing and Business Negotiations (how else would you get the best deals for your life trip ?!) I decided: who can make my dream better than I did, I created in the smallest details? So I opened my own travel agency. It was 10 years ago.
But as much as I love the world, more than anything I love people and the feeling of home. That’s how my dear, my mother, father, grandparents and the tricolor flag have taught me, always hanging around the corner of the house where I grew up. I love people and make them a place in my life. And even if my dream was to get to Rio, my meaning in life was always to take a corner home with me. To help others see Romania as I see it. Beautiful and good with wonderful people. I chose to be an entrepreneur because I am a free spirit, and that has helped me to turn the projects I dream for my Romania into reality. I believe in beautiful Romania and in the positive change in the field of tourism, for which I have been preparing for almost 20 years. Today, I am Managing Partner Free Spirit Travel and Managing Partner Transilvania Train. And yes, we got to Rio. 🙂