Gabriela Montoiu

Communicator, PR Consultant, Entrepreneur
I consider myself a woman of particular sensitivity, but I have always used this state as an asset and not an impediment to the situations in which I have to impose myself. This is one of the reasons why I managed to manage a company with experience in image consulting, branding, strategy, organizational communication and develop projects and initiatives in the social and entrepreneurial area for 11 years. I am a strong, energetic, optimistic man, always inspired, loving people, nature, art and beauty, endowed with a winning allure and perfect aesthetic sense, say the people around me.
The primordial values underlying my personality are family, faith in God, trust in people, and the power of organized work. The smile and the jovial spirit always help me to overcome the limit situations, inevitable in anyone’s life. Convinced that life must be lived at full intensity every day, I constantly sought the balance between receiving and offering. Probably this has fed my motivation to grow, to excel.
Give something good to the community you are part of when you have the opportunity and leave something constructive behind you are principles that have grounded my personal and professional character. The entrepreneurial spirit combined with talent, perseverance, continuous study and self-sufficiency have helped me in building a well-developed professional path that culminated in the establishment of a successful business in the world of communication and advertising, the Prompt Image Communication Workshop. A business project born of passion, which in turn has generated a portfolio of countless other projects that are dedicated to customers and the community. As a professional, I have always put my mark on the projects I have made and I always wanted to overthrow patterns, revolutionize and intervene through my initiatives on the change of mentality.
Every project that involves me, every work, every event, every professional relationship can reach the level of excellence. On this principle, I rely on my profession in organized social projects, alive. All projects are a signature and I can speak for myself as a professional. I graduated from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations and I attended the specialization in public relations, advertising, marketing and political communication. The biggest challenge was to be an image counselor in the European Parliament and the quality of a communications consultant and political PR for political personalities. I’ve always been a supporter of entrepreneurship, and that’s why I’ve been focusing on the development of my own company Prompt Communication over the past 11 years. The image studio, as I like to define it, has managed over the years to create promotion and recruitment campaigns, corporate or social events, create “outfits” for local and multinational brands, produce communication and promotional materials.
Besides the field in which I have been working for years, the passion for art, for beauty, for good taste and the desire to engage and develop have outlined a universe in which new projects were born in turn. All my initiatives came as a natural approach. I was actively involved in supporting the business environment in the Bistrita-Nasaud area as initiator of the Bistrita Business event, a debate platform for the business community in Bistrita. In the same context, I represent the National Entrepreneurs Association in the North-West Region. The natural silk scarf brand, Romana, is a soul project, a project inspired by personal life, a concept we created to offer premium collections to scarf lovers.
The joy of discovering people and beautiful stories led me to develop an online platform and a print glossy magazine, Hello, Bistrita !, which will offer the Bistrita community all the good news and the success stories of the area, in a special form. After graduating from the Visual Arts Doctorate at the University of Art and Design, I also devoted my time to interior design and consultancy projects in this field. Social responsibility is more than just a proposal that we make to all our clients and which we support as communicators. Social Involvement is a way of involving and providing the community, both as partners, for projects as “Atipic Beauty” as well as as initiators for projects such as “Parade of Brads, for dreams fulfilled!” With a tradition of 8 editions, organized annually during the winter holidays. Passion for creativity, communications, diplomacy and visual arts, accumulated experience, skills to manage and solve any challenge, all are elements that blend perfectly in shaping my entrepreneurial profile.
I believe that business strategy should undoubtedly include ingredients such as balance, harmony, patience, ethics and elegance – aspects that should coexist in a business woman’s business in the field in which it operates, whatever it is.
In terms of achieving, developing and maintaining a Business, rigor, creativity and creativity are needed to the same extent. I believe that the future of Romanian companies is very much of the creativity they are showing. The values on which a company is based are crucial to differentiation from competitive firms in the same field, and creativity is one of the values that succeed in positioning a brand in the sphere of success.