Anca Rancea

“As a professional I use my experience, energy and courage to manage any situation, and communication skills to write success stories with my clients. I feed on understanding things, people and situations, and I believe in “Together on my own”. Freelancer. Entrepreneur. TV producer. I ride through the profound waters of my own work, test my entrepreneurial skills, make the #Freelancer show at Canal 33, and learn to embrace every challenge and / or opportunity that emerges. I am a senior consultant in PR and Communication, with a 15 year experience in communicator and / or journalist roles. My areas of expertise include corporate and brand communication, design and implementation of communication strategies, event organization, crisis communication, media relations management, and on-line communication. Socially involved, I preside over the Freelance Association in Romania – the place where the community of self-employed people meets and where they have access to all sorts of support tools that make their work easier. Member of Borad of the National Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs, I want to unite the entrepreneurs and freelancers community and help develop business relations between the two communities. Because together we are better on our own.”